What to say when you are having fertility trouble and people ask if you are pregnant

If you are experiencing challenges conceiving a child, it can be very painful when people ask if you are pregnant, especially in public. Your fertility woes probably aren’t the first thing you feel like discussing at dinner parties or even with friends. When you are surrounded by shiny happy families, it can be a very isolating experience for those who want to join the club but can’t seem to get there.

The person asking if you are pregnant probably doesn’t have the faintest notion that you have been experiencing fertility challenges for months or possibly years.

Smart people know that you should never ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless you actually see a baby’s head coming out of her legs. Unfortunately, not everyone follows this rule.

Next time someone asks when you are going to have children or if you are pregnant, use one of our clever comebacks and they won’t ask again anytime soon.

best comebacks when people ask if you’re pregnant

1) No, I think my husband might be sterile. Do you think I could borrow your husband to check?

2) No, Im not. The only thing I’m expecting is an apology.

3 You’ll be the first to know … after my husband, my doctor, my mother and her entire bridge club.

4) Nope. Are you? You sure look like you’re showing!

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