Clever replies when people ask if you will breastfeed your baby

When you are expecting, you are a target for people who love to dole out advice on the topic of motherhood.

What of the hot topics for new moms is breastfeeding, and you are going to be asked if you are going to breastfeed by well-intentioned mothers. Some of the breastfeeding nurses and moms can be quite agressive and will shame you if you chose not to breastfeed.

If you are looking for a clever response, use one of the comebacks below.

Best comebacks when you are asked if you are going to breastfeed

1. I don’t think that Mary went to her local Walmart to get formula for Jesus.

2. I’m making my baby in my body, and I’ll make her milk there too. Factories are for cars and TVs.

3. Why give my baby something man made when I can give her what nature intended?

4. Breastmilk is sterile and safe, the same can’t be said for formula.

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