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Comebacks when someone calls you competitive

What to say when you are criticized for being competitive

Some folks seem to think that competition is a “dirty” word and everyone should be given a trophy just for showing up. Whether you win or lose a game or a contract, competition always makes you stronger.

For people who have grown up in “generation snowflake” who can’t cope if someone has a different point of view and think everyone should cater to their individual needs, it is going to be a huge wake-up call once they realize that they are competing in a global market. People who have grown up in India and China know what it means to have discipline, work ethic and to compete for university placement and jobs at the best companies. They are hungry for the challenge, the rewards, and they will eat their competition.

Top NBA stars are rewarded with high pay because they are best. Mark Cuban lives in a 23,700-square-foot, square ten-bedroom home because he is a competitive businessman.

If you’re getting slammed for being too competitive, here are few snappy comebacks you can use in your defense.


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Great things never came from comfort zones.
I compete with no one... I do what i need to do. If that threatens you that is your issue.
I like that you try to compete with me - at least you have a goal. Unrealistic and unobtainable, but a goal.
If you're not going to all the way, why go at all.

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