Funny things to say when someone asks if the PREGNANCY WAS PLANNED

When you announce your pregnancy, people seem to think they can ask you any anything, including, “Was the baby planned or was it an accident?” Really, some of these questions are very personal and just not appropriate to ask, you never know someone’s circumstances or of their struggles with fertility.

Maybe you’re a young and hot looking unmarried mom, and folks didn’t think that having a family was something you had in mind in the near future. Just because a baby wasn’t planned doesn’t mean the child isn’t wanted.

There is really no good time to have a have a baby or buy a house, sometimes in life, you just have to take the plunge. No doubt you have heard the saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans!” Many unplanned children turn out to be a wonderful surprise and a great blessing to their parents.

Best comebacks when people ask if your baby was planned

1. Well, thinking back to that night, I think all I asked for was a backrub.

2. We had no idea that Kama Sutra would lead to a pregnancy.

3. Nope, I thought I couldn’t get knocked up if I was on top.

4. I was so drunk that night I don’t know who was in my bed. But I did plan to go drinking and it was fun.

5. My husband I do sleep in the same bed.

6. Doesn’t God always have a plan?

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  1. Honestly, I don’t find that question offensive at all. Unless the person asking the question is truly just an all around jerk or something, it’s an honest question, since it’s something everyone is curious about. I’d rather they asked that than them ask something truly rude. Then again, I’m rarely offended.

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