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Great answers when someone says you must be rich having all those kids

Check out how to reply to you must be rich having all those kids

When you have a large family you expect a few comments on a family outing. A common thing you will hear is, “You must be rich having all those kids!”

If you are lucky enough to be blessed with a large family you know that each child is indeed a gift. There is a beauty and a richness to having so many unique and amazing personalities in one home. Each child brings something unique to your family, plus with a huge family, someone always has your back. It is kind of hard to explain the blessings of large families to a childless couple or people with an only child.

Next time someone says you must be rich, smile knowing that you truly are, and use one of our clever replies

Best comebacks when someone says you must be rich having all those kids

1. Yes, all my children are like priceless treasures!

2. If you want to feel rich, count the things that you have that money can’t buy.

3. No matter how poor someone is, if they have family, they’re rich.

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