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What to say if your kid thinks you’re being mean

se our comebacks when your complains you’re being mean, when you are just doing your job as a mom

When you have children and they don’t get their way, they may whine, “Mom, you’re being mean!” Children can’t expect to have their needs catered to constantly if they do they will grow up to be entitled monsters.

We all know when kids are tired, hungry or overstimulated it doesn’t bring out their best side. As parents, we need to set boundaries or we wouldn’t be doing our job. It is our job as parents to set limits if you allowed your kid to eat 8 cookies in one sitting they would probably be overweight and have impulse challenges.

When you are told that you are mean or your child tells you that they hate you, take it as a compliment, you are probably doing something right.

Here are a few fun comebacks that might come in useful, next your child complains what an unfair parent you are.

Comebacks when your kid calls you mean

  1. If you think I’m mean, it means I am doing my job as mom. If I was nice you could call me Grandma.
  2. Mean people breed little mean people.
  3. Yeah, I’m a proud member of mean moms of America.
  4. Mean people breed little mean people.
  5. You’re grounded until the end of the world or until I say different, whichever comes first.
What to say when your kid says you're being mean
Funny meme when your kid says your mean

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