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What to say when someone asks if you farted

What to say when someone asks did you fart. Check out more funny replies at www.ishouldhavesadi.net

We all suffer from being a little gassy from time to time, but it can embarrassing when you are singled out and asked, “Did you fart?” It is even more mortifying if you are asked if you farted in front of a group of people.

You could try to run off to another area of the room and blame it on someone else, but it really is not necessary. After all, farting is natural and everyone does it, so nobody should be getting on their high horse and giving you a hard time.

Next time you are accused of letting some gas rip, use one of our clever comebacks and shut the person up.

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What to say when someone asks if you farted

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25 Responses

  1. Did you know that a person farts about 16 times a day on average? So if someone asks you if you fart, say, “Yes, you just did five times without realizing!”

  2. (When there are at least three ppl present.)

    Friend One: Did you fart?

    Friend Two: Yea! (Turns to Friend Three &, convincingly, says, with no noticeable sarcasm & like they really mean it.) Do you believe this guy?!

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