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Clever replies when people call you Emo

Funny comebacks when people call you emo

Urban Dictionary’s definition of an Emo person is “a depressed person who has dark hair that covers 3/5 of their face, they wear converse, skinny jeans, and tight shirts.” Emo is associated with a music subculture that was popular from 2000 on, with white suburban youth.

We all know that you if you are a non-conformist in any way, people will call you weird or a freak.  Conservative people like to slam those who stand out, who aren’t afraid to be different and take a stand against things.

Emos are known to be melodramatic and overly sensitive about their problems. Being dramatic about issues probably describes 90 percent of the teenage population on the planet.


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Emo people are known to stand up for oppressed causes, stating their political views and share how they feel about things.

Next time someone calls you Emo, use one of our great comebacks to shut them up.

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Please, the way you look gives Freddy Krueger nightmares.
Careful, I might kill myself.
Put a condom on your head because if you're going to act like a dick you may as well dress one on.
Stop it! You're making my eyeliner run!

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Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy was once Emo

Pete Wentz looking Emo
Photo Credit: Tyler Curtis from Chicago, USA

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4 Responses

    1. That is the best emo comeback thought! Imagine how uncomfortable and not satisfied in a way that they wanted , the person who calls you emo gets. OMG. 😀

  1. thank you!! i’m emo myself and this has helped me alot. I’ve been bullied for being emo all my mortal life.

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