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How to respond when someone says their life is boring

How to respond if someone says that their life is boring

We all go through periods of our life that are more exciting and action filled than others. I have a friend who just got married, went on a tropical honeymoon and is moving across the country to live in a very cool city. She has also landed a great job that she will be starting when she arrives in Montreal. It is hard not to feel a tinge of envy and wish I had as much exciting stuff going on as she does.

If someone is complaining that they’re going through a quiet period in their life it might be a great time to think about what excites them and how they can push out of their comfort zone. Is there something that they do that will thrill and excite them and get them back into their groove?

At the end of the day, it is up to each and every one of us to create the life that we want. If someone you know complains that their life is boring, use one of our great replies to motivate them to take action.

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