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What to say when someone says you’re in denial

Funny replies when someone says you that you are in denial about something. Check out our top ten comeback lists. www.ishouldhavesaid.net.

Urban Dictionary defines denial as, “What you are accused of being in when whenever you contradict a baseless claim made by an idiot who couldn’t otherwise win a debate against a Cheeto.”

It is always shocking to hear negative feedback, whether it’s true or not. Maybe you are a little in denial about the last ten pounds of weight you’re carrying or perhaps your boyfriend does act like a jerk at times. We all have things we would rather not face about ourselves and our life.

Before you freak out about what someone says to you, take a look at the source of the feedback. If they are a bit of a moron, take their criticism with a pinch of salt. Their perceptions of you may be way off base.

Next time you are told you are in denial, use one of the clever comebacks below to stop your accuser in their tracks.


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I'm not in denial. I'm just very selective about the reality that I accept.
Yeah, de Nile isn’t just a river!
I hate it when liars' pants don’t catch on fire.
I work hard to deny my denial!

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