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What to say when someone calls you too sensitive

How to respond when you are called TOO SENSITIVE

Have you ever noticed when someone complains that you are too sensitive is when you call them out on their jerk behaviour? People complain that you are too sensitive when you question something they did, or didn’t do, or you stand up for yourself.

I had a friend who was always running late, she would be an hour late to meet you at a restaurant or at a friends house. It was embarrassing waiting for her alone in a restaurant, looking like I had been stood up by someone.

Penelope would always apologize for her lateness, but her behaviour didn’t change. If you complained about her tardiness she would act as if you were overreacting and get annoyed as if you were being overly sensitive. One day, I just had enough and thought I want to hang out with someone who is so inconsiderate, and I slowly distanced myself from her.

If someone is being a jerk and is being completely disrespectful of your feelings, try a few of these snappy  comebacks.

Go ahead and vote for what do you think is the best answer to you’re so sensitive.

Vote for the best comeback when people call you sensitive

Me sensitive? Sure, I am sensitive to the fact that you are a complete asshole.
If I am being overly sensitive, you are probably being overly annoying.
I am sorry that my perfectly reasonable behavior irritates you.
I'm too sensitive. How about you stop being an EPIC asshole. Problem solved.

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Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing with someone who accuses you of being overly sensitive? Share them in the comments below.


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