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What to say when someone calls you boring

How to respond if someone calls you boring

Nobody likes to be told that they are boring! At some point in time, I’m pretty sure that we’ve all been called boring because everybody has different interests. A person who is incredibly interesting to one person could, in fact, be boring to another. We’re all curious about different things and don’t necessarily share the same sense of humour, it’s not one size fits all.

You will find groups of people congregatge together because they share certain interests, the folks who join a country club, people who take up line dancing and students who join the science fair.

If someone insults you and calls you boring, try a few of these snappy responses.

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Yeah, and what makes you so exciting?
I'm bored of being bored, because being bored is so boring.
Is there an App I can download to make you go away?
I may be boring, but you are ugly. Boring can be fixed...


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When you feel like your life is boring
What to say when someone complains you're being boring

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