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Clever comebacks if someone calls you strange

Clever replies when people call you STRANGE

If you are different in any way, you may not fit in completely at school or work. There is nothing wrong with being different, but people who live narrow lives may consider you strange. People love to stereotype, the jock kid and the weird goth kid.

When people call you weird or strange it actually a compliment. it means that you have the courage to be your unique self and not care what other people think. All the great artists have something unique about them. Marilyn Manson is a different kind o guy, what is different about him is what made him famous.

It’s always about being yourself and not being ashamed of being different or thinking different. – Marilyn Manson.

Next time someone insults you and calls you strange, smile and use one our great comebacks.

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I don’t care what you think of me. It can’t be half as bad as what I think of you think of you.
Yeah, and you're so ordinary.
I love the sound you make when you shut up.
Oh, you think you know everything? Well here is something you don’t know, you’re annoying.


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What to say if people call you STRANGE

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7 Responses

  1. When someone calls me strange, I reply:

    “That means I’m not like you. What a fantastic complement! Thank you!”

  2. If im strange then you must be really insecure about yourself. Why are you so observant of me, do you have a wierd obsession about me. This is what i would respond with.

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