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If you are the parent of twins, you are going to be asked the inevitable do twins run in your family questions time and time again. Anytime you leave the house you are inundated by well-wishers asking the same thing, and it gets old very quickly, especially for a new mom in a sleep deprived state.

There is no doubt about it, people are intrigued by twins, even if is more common today than it ways years ago.

In addition to being asked are they twins and how do you tell your kids apart, you will be asked if twins run in your family. You could share some basic science explaining fraternal twins or you can divulge your family history, sharing how great grandmother Bertha had twins many moons ago.

If you are in the mood to give an amusing answer to do twins run in your family, use one of the great comebacks below.

10 Best comebacks when people  ask if twins run in your family

1. Yes, they run up the stairs, down the stairs and all around the house!

2. Twins do not run in the family, but I guess they do now!

3. Yes, I have twin cousins who are runners.

4. No, but they do run in my fertility clinic.

5. Yes, we’re like a two-for-one deal in our family!

6. We’re like a two-for-one deal in our family!

7. Yes, we’re like a two-for-one deal in our family!”

8. Twins? We’re basically the double trouble package deal.

9. Twins? We’re like a never-ending game of matching pairs in our family.

10. It’s like our family tree has a recurring duplicate entry’error.

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Kelly keeps getting asked if twins run in her family

Kelly was used to the question by now. It seemed like every time she met someone new, they would inevitably ask, “Do twins run in your family?” She would smile and nod, knowing that her family history was indeed filled with twins. Her great-grandmother had been a twin, as had her grandmother and mother.

Even Kelly herself was a twin, with her brother Kevin being her constant companion since birth. It was a quirky family trait that had always fascinated her, and she often wondered if she would one day continue the tradition.

As she grew older, Kelly found herself pondering the possibility of having twins one day. Would she be the next in line to carry on the family legacy? It was a thought that both thrilled and unnerved her.

She couldn’t deny the special bond that twins seemed to share, but she also knew the challenges that came with raising two children at once. Still, the idea of having her own set of twins held a certain allure, and she couldn’t help but wonder if fate had something special in store for her.

Despite the constant inquiries about twins in her family, Kelly found herself embracing her unique heritage. She realized that whether or not she had twins of her own, the legacy of twinning in her family was a part of her identity, and she took pride in the rich history that had shaped her and her loved ones. And as she continued to navigate life’s journey, Kelly remained open to whatever surprises the future might hold, knowing that the question of twins in her family would always be a part of her story.

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