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Funny replies when people call you anti social

Clever replies when people call you anti social

If you are not a very social person and you enjoy spending a lot of time alone, you may be accused of being anti-social. When you have a partner who likes to go out with friends all of the time, they might not appreciate you wanting to stay home and not accompany them out to social events.

Is it really a crime to want to stay home and binge watch Netflix or curl up with a good book and a glass of wine? Having a great night at home is probably better than spending the evening with people whose company who you don’t really enjoy.

People who are considered anti-social know how to enjoy their own company and don’t need to rely on others to have a good time or be entertained.

If you need a great comeback for being called anti-social, try one of the ones below.

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My people skills are just fine, it is my tolerance of idiots that needs some work.
I am not anti-social. I just do not like you.
It is a beautiful day to leave me alone.
Sometimes you just need to disconnect and enjoy your own company.

When you feel like being anti social


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When you're feeling anti social

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