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Comebacks when people call you salty

Check out comebacks when people call you salty

When someone calls you salty they’re basically saying that you’re angry and upset because someone roasted and you’re pissed off about it.

Who knew that the term “salty” originates from the US Navy and it’s used to describe older members of the navy who are fed up with the navy life. Salty refers to their temperament has been replaced with sea salt and misery.

Don’t worry, every single one of us has felt salty at times, especially when we’re being razzed or roasted by friends. Feeing salty won’t last forever and your friends will probably move on and start roasting someone else. The best thing that you can do is not show how much what people are saying actually bothers you and try to act non-chalant and cool about the situation. The moment people see that they are getting to you, they will start winding you up, ratcheting it up and teasing you even more.

Instead, keep calm and use a few great comebacks in a joking way and let them know that you’re really OK and no so salty after all.

Vote for the best comeback for being called salty

I love it when you talk dirty!
How would you know, you have no taste?
Yep, still bitter and a little salty too.
Go polish your crocs.


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