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Funny comebacks when you are told to get a life

Comebacks when you are told to GET A LIFE

Get a life is an insult idiotic people use as a last resort when they can’t think of anything better to say. Usually, the people who say this kind of thing are people who don’t have much going on in their own life.

People often say get a life if they find out that someone has a hobby that is different or they consider to be anti-social like gaming. There is nothing wrong with being a champion Fortnite player!

Really, it is the lamest insult around when there truly are much better comebacks out there. Next time an idiot tells you to get a life use one of our great comeback below.

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You mean like yours? No thanks, I will pass.
I would make a joke about your life, but I see life already beat me to it.
Really? That is really the best line you could come up with?
OK, show me the way!


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13 Responses

  1. A really good one is you know what quote bully name you always have that little smirk on your face and you cock your hips like you’re the best person in the world you know get your own life I’m busy trying to enjoy mine

  2. T H E best reply:
    When my in-law said to me, “you need to get a life”, I said, Yes… I’ll get a life, which I am most happy to do without any of you!

    Her mouth dropped open, and nothing came out!
    Boy did that shut her up! AND later, I actually got an apology, something arrogant people do not do!
    Kudos to me!

  3. I know a good comeback to this! :>

    “Oh! you think I should get a life, I think I should, maybe you should tag along with me.”

    1. N.1 comeback…
      Bully: You need to get a life
      Me: Sorry but I have one you don’t though but I heard of you went to gogetalife.com you get 50% off

  4. Them: Get a life!
    Me, being a savage person: I already have one, but I guess you need glasses (or an IQ) to actually see that.

  5. Bully: Go get a life
    Me: I already have one, maybe you don’t recognize it cause yours is from Walmart but mine isn’t


  6. Just say ” I don’t remember being you ”
    I have done that, made them shut up and walk away(almost made them cry??????

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