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Great comebacks if someone calls you a loser

What to say when someone says that you are a loser. Check out our top ten comeback lists at www.ishouldhavenet.net.

When a hater calls you a loser, don’t listen and don’t let it define who you are. We could all be called a loser anytime we are going through a hard time or trying something new.

Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and Tony Hawk and many others have all felt like losers during moments in time when things weren’t  going well. They have all had ups and downs in their life when they were at the top of their game and other times they hit rock bottom. I’m sure J. K. Rowlings wasn’t feeling super sparkly when she was on welfare writing Harry Potter.

If a hater insults you and calls you a loser, shut them up with one of our great comebacks.

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The zoo called, you are due back by 6.
Looks like your mama had an epic fail. YOU!
Whoever told you to be yourself gave you really bad advice!
I'm not a Proctologist but I know an asshole when I see one.
Gee, I have always wondered who was in charge of deciding who is, and who is not a loser ...


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Don't listen if someone calls you a loser

Famous Skateboarder Tony Hawk went through hard times when he must have felt like a loser

Tony Hawk started skateboarding at a young age, by the time he was a high school senior he was earning more money than some of

By Tinou Bao – originally posted to Flickr as Bob tony hawk, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6011911

his teachers from sponsorship royalties.He even managed to by his own house before graduating from high school. During the 80’s, he traveled around the globe living an amazing life, competing in skateboarding contests.

In 1991, the sport of skateboarding tanked and all of a sudden the sponsorship money disappeared, along with Tony’s income. He gave himself an allowance of $5 a day to eat at Taco Bell.

When skateboarding was uncool, many skaters moved on to traditional careers while Tony was hopeful that the skating industry would rebound. Tony refinanced his home and started his own skateboard company Birdhouse Projects.  At the beginning, Birdhouse wasn’t making a lost of cash and Tony had a very uncertain financial future.

In the late 90’s, the popularity of skateboarding surged, and there was Tony Hawk front in centre with his skateboarding company. He was offered many endorsement deals and his company expanded, and he became the legend he is today.

We could all be called losers at specific moments in time when things aren’t going well. Don’t listen to haters, keep following your dreams and get on with your life.

Once you find your passion, run with it. Ignore what peers or career counselors say. Whatever you pick, as long as you truly love it, get really good at it. That means spending a lot of time at it. Tony Hawk

Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.
What to say when people call you a loser

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