Funny replies when people say you have too many children

It is amazing how strangers feel comfortable walking up to a perfect stranger and telling them that they have too many children. What is even more shocking, is people think it is OK to say these kinds of comments in front of the kids.

The number of children you have is such a personal decision, it doesn’t warrant being discussed with strangers in the grocery store. Many have large families for religious reasons. People are not as used to seeing large families anymore, the average household has just two kids.

Next time someone makes a rude comment about how many children you have, use one of our clever comebacks.

10 Best comebacks when someone says you have too many children

1. Which one do you suggest I send back?

2. My children will be funding your social security.

3. We plan to keep having them until we get our own reality show.

4. We have full hands and even fuller hearts.

With ten kids we have ten times the blessings

5. My husband and I are very intelligent people and believe we should pass on our great genes as much as we can. Why did you stop having children?

6. My husband wanted to start a soccer team, but we ended up with a full-blown league instead!

7. You could say our family tree is nice and leafy.

8. With X number of kids, there’s never a dull moment!

9. It’s a pretty blessed life to love all my kids so much.

10. We choose to think of it as a loving, happy family rather than too many children.


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Why do people say you have too many children

Some folks make comments about having too many”children due to their own personal belief system or society’s expectations, or the shock of seeing a large family. Historically, people had large families to survive and run large farms. Nowadays, most people can’t afford large families and they are more of a novelty. Family size is a personal choice and isn’t one size fits all.

People make comments about how others should live their life but really the choice is your and yours alone. Having a large family is a blessing that fewer people get the opportunity to experience in modern society.

How to deal with comments that you have too many children

When people make comments that you have “too many” children, try to respond with a sense of humor. After all, you are blessed with a large unique family that brings you a lot of joy. Not everyone is lucky enough to kids and laughter in their home.

You can also set boundaries with people who make negative comments near your children. Smile and then redirect to the conversation to something you feel comfortable talking about.

You can’t go wrong focusing on the love and positivity that you have within your large family.

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Jodi was told she had too many children as the parent of 10 kids

Jodi had always dreamed of a big, bustling family, and she felt incredibly blessed to have 10 children who filled her home with joy and laughter. She often encountered disapproving comments from people who believed she had “too many” kids.

Despite the criticism, Jodi remained steadfast in her belief that her large family was a source of immeasurable happiness and fulfillment. She cherished the unique bond she shared with each of her children and took pride in creating a warm, loving environment where they could thrive and grow.

As Jodi navigated the challenges of raising a large family, she found strength in the unwavering support of her spouse and the close-knit community they had built. Together, they celebrated the individuality of each child and embraced the beautiful chaos that came with a bustling household.

Jodi’s resilience and unwavering love for her children served as a powerful reminder that family dynamics come in all shapes and sizes, and the happiness they brought her was immeasurable. Despite the outside judgment, Jodi remained steadfast in her belief that the love and laughter that filled her home made every moment worth cherishing.

The Role of counselling and self care

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When you are dealing with a person who says you have too many children and you find it stressful, consider getting support from a professional. Talking to a counselor is a great way to work through a challenging situation, and help you find some strategies to work through the person’s behaviour.


Got any comments, questions or tips for someone who says you have too many children? Share them in the comments below.

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