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What to say if someone asks if you are seeing other women

Clever replies when people ask if you are seeing other women

How should a guy respond when asked,Are you seeing any other women?” Of course it depends who says it, and how they say it, but go ahead and tell us what you think is the best answer!

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I see people all the time, I saw my mother this morning, my sister this afternoon....don't you see people, or am I just some hot guy in your eyes?
Besides you I'm seeing ... hmmm let me see... about 74.
No… other men.
I'm not a monk...

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One Response

  1. I just wanted to add onto the “I’m seeing 74” real quick
    “Besides you I’m seeing … hmmm let me see… about 74. Wait! Correction 73, sorry I saw a pink jacket and I just assumed that you know … whopsie”

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