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What to say when people ask when you’re going to quit smoking

Clever replies when you are told to quit smoking

If you smoke, the people in your life are going to be asking you when you are going to quit.

Everyone knows that smoking can be challenging habit to give up. It can take several attempts to quit before it finally sticks. While you trying to give it up you may have to endure snide comments from people saying, “Oh, you’re quitting smoking again. Sure.”

You know people may have your best intentions, yet it can be annoying when people keep nagging and asking when you are going to stop.

If your are being nagged about your smoking, try one of our comebacks below to shut them up until you are ready to quit the habit.

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Funny meme to stop smoking

What to say when someone asks why you haven't quit smoking

Even Barack Obama faced challenges quitting smoking

Barack Obama quit smoking
Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Barack Obama starting smoking as a teen, and admits he was definitely addicted.  Barack confessed that he has a lifetime battle with smoking and sometimes he messes up and lights up, but he refuses to smoke in front of his family.

When he was President, he used Nicorrette chewing gum to help quit and subside his cravings. Everyone would agree that being the President of the US is a stressful job, if anyone had an excuse it was Barack. If he can give up smoking under that kind of pressure, you can too.

Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing for dealing with a judgemental person when you’re quitting smoking? Share them in the comments below.


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