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What to say when someone says do you know what causes that when you’re pregnant

Clever replies when someone says do you know what causes that to a pregnant woman

People think they are being incredibly witty when they ask a pregnant woman, “Do you know what causes that?” The question gets pretty old fast, especially when you are asked the same question three times every outing.

Mothers of large families have heard it all before, maybe folks are trying to be friendly, and want to start up a conversation but it gets incredibly annoying after a while.

In large centers with an expensive cost of living, women are having fewer children at a later age. Large families aren’t very common anymore, they are in fact are a novelty.

Back in the late 1800s, it would be common to have 9 children, can you imagine having that many kids today with the expectations of parents! No wonder there weren’t any helicopter parents in the 1800s, how could you micromanage 8 kids?

Here are some fun things you can say to play along next time someone asks if you know what causes that.

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