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How to answer when people ask why you don’t have children

Funny replies when people ask why you DON'T HAVE KIDS

If you are a couple, at some point in time someone is going to ask you when you are going to have kids. If you have just met someone and you are still figuring out your relationship, it can be embarrassing to be put on the spot. You are probably still figuring out if the person is the one for you, without adding another person into the mix.

Not everyone wants children, when you think that you are signing up to move in with someone you don’t know for the next 18 years, it’s a pretty big deal.

Next time some nosy person wants to know when you are having children, smile and use one of our clever comebacks.

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comebacks for people who ask if you want kids


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6 Responses

    1. True. I have lost both my ovaries to cysts and I was crushed. It’s not like I want to be childless. But the ones said “my personal part are for recreational only” is pretty good, I’m going to use that from now on. LOL.

  1. People shouldn’t ask this question because some couples are struggling to get pregnant. In my case is a choise my husband and I don’t want children, but sometimes I have to lied given excuses to family and friends on why we don’t want one. Because most people will never get our choice.

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