Comebacks when someone asks if you can love your adopted child as much as a biological child. Check out our parenting comebacks.

For some reason, adoption brings out curiosity in people and they forget to respect boundaries when asking adoptive parents questions. One of the questions parents are asked is “Does it bother you that the adopted child won’t be your own?”

Adoption and giving birth to your own child are different ways of creating a family, one is through your DNA and the other through your heart, both create a family. The love that you feel for your child is pure and real, there is nothing different about it. Add Angelina Jolie quote that there is no difference.

You don’t have to give birth to somebody to have a family, we are all extended family. – Sandra Bullock


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10 Best comebacks when people ask if you wish you had a biological child

Here are a few answers you will feel comfortable saying in front of your children.

1. A family isn’t made of blood it’s made of love.

2. I gave birth to them through my heart.

3. It’s not the soil you’re born from or born into, but the water that’s consistently and lovingly poured upon you and the sun that shines on you.

4. Blood makes you related, Love makes you family.

5. We believe that adoption is beautiful way to build a family and provide a loving home to a child in need.

6. We are overjoyed to be parents and welcome this beautiful child into our lives. How she came to us doesn’t matter. We are grateful that she is here.

7. We always planned to adopt and we are so happy now that our family is complete.

8. Adoption really felt like the right path for our family.

9. It is a blessing to be a parent no matter how your children come to you.

10. Being a parent is an incredible experience and we are so grateful to have our beautiful son.

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Why do people ask, ‘Don’t you want a biological child?’

People may ask you, “Why don’t you want a biological child?” out of personal curiosity, because they have limited experience with adoption, or simply because it is out of the norm where they live. They may have had very little exposure to adoptive families.

The question may come from a false belief that having a biological child is the preferred choice for most parents, and they may not understand why some parents choose adoption.

It is easy to be offended by such insensitive questions, but try to heave empathy for their lack of exposure to modern families. Responding with kindness and respect in front your child, can education people on the many different paths that families to take to parenthood.

adopted parents love their kids DNA doesn't matter

Image via America Adopts

How to deal with people asking, ‘does it bother you that the adopted child isn’t your own?’

When you are confronted by ignorant people with questions about whether it bothers you that the adopted child isn’t “your own,” it may rub you the wrong way.

You have a unique opportunity to educate folks that love is profound whether your child is adopted or a biological child. Adopting a child is a beautiful gift and emotional journey of creating a family.

You become a parent by being there every day for your child to give them a kiss on a bad day, to driving them to sporting events and clubs so they can experience all that life has to offer. Being a parent means that you are there for your child, no matter what.

Questions provide an opportunity to advocate for greater awareness about the beauty of adoption and the meaningful relationships that are formed within adoptive families.

Eve adopted instead of having a biological child

Eve had always dreamed of becoming a mother, but as she navigated the complexities of starting a family, she made the decision to adopt a child instead of having a biological one.

It was a long and complex journey to adopt, but from the moment she held her adopted child in her arms, she felt an unbreakable bond that transcended biology.

Despite not sharing the same genetic makeup, Eve embraced her role as a mother with unwavering love and devotion. She found joy in witnessing her child’s milestones, comforting them in times of need, and creating cherished memories together.

To Eve, her adopted child was her own flesh and blood in every sense, and their connection was a testament to the profound and boundless nature of parental love.

The Role of counselling and self care

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When you are dealing with a person who asks if you mind not having a biological child and you find it stressful, consider getting support from a professional. Talking to a counselor is a great way to work through a challenging situation, and help you find some strategies to work through the person’s behaviour.

Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing with someone who asks if you mind not having a biological child? Share them in the comments below.

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