What to say when someone asks if their clothes are too tight

When someone asks you if their clothes look too tight it can be difficult to answer, especially if they are poured into a dress and look like they are wearing a sausage roll casing. Some women wear clothes that are too tight, extremely revealing, and not really age appropriate.

Some folks are in size denial, where they just don’t want to admit that they are really a size ten and they are trying to fit into a size eight frock. People see Kim Kardashian in her skin-tight outfits and think they think might look just as good, probably not.

When you’re struggling to tell your friend how they look, use one of our clever comebacks.

11 Best comebacks when someone asks if their outfit is too tight

1. There is a fine line between a dress and a sausage casing.

2. I hate to be the one to tell you but curves and rolls are not the same thing,

3. It makes your muffin top look like a pound cake!

4. Not to be unkind but It’s hugging you in all the wrong places.

5. Not if you’re auditioning for a role as a sausage casing.

6. You are giving off “I can’t breathe” vibes. I am not sure if that is the look you are going for.

7. Your dress is certainly on the snug side of things.

8. It certainly shows off all of the delicious food you’ve enjoyed.

9. I think it would look better if you found a dress in your actual size.

10. Well, it showcases your muffin masterpiece.

11. Your outfit is so tight you look like you may need to be resuscitated. Let me know if you need mouth to mouth.


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why do people wear clothes that are too tight?

Some folks like wearing very tight clothes because they may think that it shows off their curvy figure or they just like the style. Others folks just aren’t aware that what they purchased fits in such a figure hugging way, and may not be flattering.

Some cultures wear tighter clothes then others as a style.

clothes are too tight

How to deal with someone who wears clothes that are too tight

If you’re concerned about someone wearing clothes that are too tight, it’s important to approach the situation with sensitivity and respect for their personal choices. Here are some tips for addressing this situation:

1. Express concern in a non-judgmental way: Approach the individual in a private setting and express your concern for their comfort and well-being. Avoid criticism or making them feel self-conscious about their clothing choices.

2. Offer support: Let the person know that you’re available to help them find clothing that is comfortable and flattering for their body type. Offer to go shopping with them or provide guidance on finding the right fit.

3. Focus on health and comfort: Emphasize the importance of wearing clothes that allow for ease of movement and proper circulation. Frame the conversation around the benefits of wearing well-fitting clothing for overall comfort and well-being.

4. Respect their autonomy: Ultimately, it’s important to respect the individual’s autonomy and personal style choices. While offering support and guidance, it’s essential to acknowledge their right to make their own decisions about their clothing.

5. Be understanding: Keep in mind that there may be personal reasons why the individual prefers tight clothing, and it’s important to approach the conversation with empathy and understanding.

By approaching the situation with empathy and understanding, you can address your concerns while respecting the individual’s autonomy and personal choices.

10 famous people known to wear tight clothes

1. Beyoncé

2. Rihanna

3. Elvis Presley

4. Lady Gaga

5. Prince

6. Madonna

7. Freddie Mercury

8. Mick Jagger

9. Cher

10. David Bowie

The Role of counselling and self care

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When you are dealing with someone who asks if their clothes look too tight and you find it stressful, consider getting support from a professional. Talking to a counselor is a great way to work through a challenging situation, and help you find some strategies to work through the person’s behaviour.

Better Help is a great resource where you can talk to a counselor from the comfort of your own home. 

Taking care of your own needs isn’t selfish, and you will feel better in the long run.

Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing for dealing with someone who asks if their clothes look too tight? Share them in the comments below.

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