What to say when people ask when you are going to WEAN YOUR BABY

In many cultures it is the norm to breastfeed a child until the age of two, however, the Western culture if you breastfeed past one, people start to ask when you are going to wean your tot.

Deciding when to wean your baby is a very personal decision and it isn’t anyone’s business. It is a little crazy, you are treated as if you are committing a crime by feeding your child healthy breast milk while others are giving their kids processed baby food.

Really, don’t these people have something they can focus on in their own life instead of being nosy about yours?

If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable with your choice of when to wean your baby, try out a few of these clever comebacks.

10 Best comebacks when someone asks when you are going to wean your baby

1. Oh, maybe when he goes off to college.

2. I just weaned my oldest, he’s 15.

3. Aren’t you a little old to be randomly coming up to strangers and asking impolite questions?

4. When he moves out. He can always come home for a snack.

5. When my baby starts asking for the car keys, I’ll think about it.

6. Thanks for asking, we’re taking a gradual approach to weaning.

7. We’ve been discussing it with our pediatrician and she is helping us make an informed decision.

8. Thanks for your interest, and we’re carefully considering the best time for weaning.

9. We have already started the process.

10. We’re following our baby’s cues and making choices that work with her needs.


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Why do people want to know when you are going to wean your baby?

People may ask about weaning out of nosiness, or they may have an interest in your baby’s well being. People often have opinions on weaning babies due to their culture, and others have strong persona beliefs about what is an acceptable time frame for a baby to be weaned.

It’s important to remember that all families are different, and parents have the choice as to when their child should be weaned. Parents do have the right to privacy, and get refrain from answering personal questions about their parenting.

wean your baby meme

Natalia was tired of being asked when she would wean her baby

Natalia, a devoted mother in the UK, found herself tired of the constant questioning about when she would wean her baby. Friends, family members, and even strangers seemed to have a never-ending curiosity about her breastfeeding journey and when she planned to transition her child to other forms of food.

Natalia tried to brush off the inquiries with polite responses, but as time went on, the persistent questioning began to take a toll on her. She felt frustrated and overwhelmed by the pressure to conform to others’ expectations regarding her baby’s feeding habits.

Natalia decided to open up to a close friend about her feelings. To her relief, her friend listened attentively and offered a supportive ear. She reassured Natalia that she was doing what was best for her child and that she had every right to follow her own instincts and timeline when it came to weaning.

Empowered by her friend’s understanding, Natalia found the courage to address the issue directly with those who questioned her. She calmly explained that she was following her child’s cues and that the decision to wean would be made based on what was best for both her and her baby.

Over time, Natalia’s assertive yet respectful responses helped to diminish the frequency of the inquiries. She also sought out a supportive community of like-minded parents who shared similar experiences on being asked intrusive questions by strangers.

The Role of counselling and self care

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Taking care of your own needs isn’t selfish, and you will feel better in the long run.

Got any comments, questions or tips when someone keeps telling you to wean your baby? Share them in the comments below.

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