Clever replies when you are told BREASTFEEDING IS GROSS

When you are breastfeeding your child and someone tells you that it is gross or you are told that you need to go and breastfeed your child in the bathroom it is probably because they are not used to seeing a woman breastfeed her child in public.

People get their knickers in a knot about breastfeeding but there is nothing more natural than a mother feeding her child.

Some teens may feel uncomfortable seeing a mother with her boob out, and they may find it hard not to stare. After all, it could be the first breast that they ever have seen up close in the flesh. They may feel a little awkward and make a stupid remark.

With parenting no matter what you do someone will always have something to say about your choice. Many women go through a heart-wrenching time trying to breastfeed without success and find themselves bullied by the breastfeeding Gestapo, while others breastfeed in public and are told off by strangers. You can’t win with public opinion, you just have to do what’s right for you and your family.

Next time someone tells you that breastfeeding is gross, use one of our clever comebacks and make them think twice about what they said.

10 Best comebacks when someone says ‘breastfeeding is gross

1. What did Jesus drink as a baby? I don’t think it was a formula.

2. So is changing diapers, yet people do it all the time.

3. If you are offended by me breastfeeding, then you are looking too closely.

4. For a baby it is like have a cappuccino, they like it.

5. Well I guess it is a good thing your not being breastfed!

6. It’s definitely not for everyone, but it works for our family.

7. I used to think the same way, but then I realized how amazing and natural it is and mothers have been doing it since the beginning of time.

8. I can see why you would think that, but it’s an incredible bonding experience with my baby.

9. Breastfeeding is actually a privilege, not all mothers can do it and if you can it benefits the baby.

10. I hear you, but for me, it’s a beautiful and essential part of caring for my child.

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Some people think breastfeeding is gross, in many cultures it is normal to breastfeed in public

Breastfeeding in public is widely accepted and considered normal in many cultures and countries around the world. In Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark it is perfectly normal to see women breastfeeding in public.

In African countries like Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria, a breastfeeding woman is a common sight, and there is little stigma about breastfeeding in public places. Additionally, in Pacific Island nations such as Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga, breastfeeding in public is a natural and culturally accepted practice.

In many indigenous cultures, including various Native American tribes and Aboriginal communities in Australia, breastfeeding in public is widely considered to be a perfectly natural and integral part of daily life.

Furthermore, in many Asian countries such as Japan, the Philippines, and India, breastfeeding in public is widely accepted, and mothers often nurse their babies openly without hesitation.

Breastfeeding is a natural and essential aspect of infant care, and we must remember not all women have access to formula and baby food.

Callie was told that her breastfeeding in public was gross

Callie, a new mother, was sitting in a park, nursing her baby when a passerby made a rude comment, telling her that breastfeeding in public was gross. Initially taken aback, Callie took a deep breath and responded with composure.

She calmly explained that breastfeeding was a natural and essential part of caring for her baby, and she had every right to feed her child in public. The passerby seemed surprised by Callie’s response and that she stood up for herself.

The passerby, actually apologized and looked embarrassed. Callie continued to nurse her baby wherever she went, feeling empowered to advocate for her right to breastfeed in public.

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