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What to say when someone calls you immature

Clever replies when people call you immature

When some boring bastard calls you immature it may piss you off a bit. Some people act like they are thirty when they are eighteen, you are only young once and you might as well enjoy it. Really, why would you want to act like an old fart before your time?

I knew a girl, Jana, who was constantly telling people to stop being immature and grow up. She was twenty-one and told one of her friends, Sasha, that she needed to start thinking about settling down. Sasha had other ideas, she traveled the world, went back to school and made the most of her twenties. Jana, on the other hand, married a total loser and had a kid at 22. Her husband became a heroin addict, she had to divorce him and became a single parent. Not exactly a sparkly fairytale for someone who thought she was more mature than her friends.


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Enjoy every stage of your life and if someone gives you a hard time about being immature, smile and know that you are having fun.

The next time someone calls you immature, use one of our clever comebacks.

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It's not that I'm immature, it's just that you started it.
I don't want to grow up, its s a trap.
My level of maturity depends who I am with.
Immature is a word boring people use to describe fun people.

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9 Responses

  1. If a family member tells me I’m immature, I think I should at least use a comeback that sounds respectful, so I would say:

    “Well (family member) if you think I’m being immature, then you’ll have to try & CONVINCE me to be mature.”

    Nine times out of ten, this family member won’t want to try & sweet talk me into being mature, so he or she would most likely grow exasperated, end the conversation &/or take a break from conversing with me any more for a while, which is fine with me, especially if it’s a family member I don’t like!

    But if someone outside of my family were to tell me I’m being immature, I would use a strong comeback, & say:

    “Yeah, I know. I’m just being immature to piss you off because you’re being TOO mature!”

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