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Funny replies when someone rolls their eyes after you talk

Funny replies when someone rolls their eyes after you say something.

Teenagers are world famous for eye-rolling at any opportunity, and often they add whatever after for emphasis. When someone rolls their eyes at you at first you might be taken aback or startled, because it is extremely rude behaviour.

You could ask the person if you are doing something that they are annoyed about and offer up an opportunity for discussion. Maybe the individual is being triggered by a certain behaviour that you are not aware of.

If they’re basically being a smart ass, who is being rude and arrogant you may feel like it is time to call the person out on their eye rolling, use one of our clever comebacks below.

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Keep rolling your eyes, maybe you’ll find your brain back there.
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When you roll your eyes like that I assume that you are looking into your mind for an adequate response and coming up empty.
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Out of all your body parts, your eyes are probably in the best shape, you do at least a 1000 eye rolls a day.
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I don’t take eye rolling as an insult, at least your listening.
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When eye rolling is involved.

When rolling your eyes doesn’t end well

I was working at a job and one of my coworkers kept rolling her eyes at her managers. She soon found herself laid off and looking for another job. The girl was really talented, did her job well, but this one trait came back to bite her unemployed ass.

People may annoy you, sure, but if you are in a work situation you may want to save the eye rolling for your social life.

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Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing with someone who rolls their eyes at you? Share them in the comments below.


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  1. I like the “keep rolling your eyes, maybe you’ll findbyour brain back there,” but only if you include, “oh wait. I forgot. You don’t have one.” at the end.

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