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How to respond when someone calls you cheap

Check out our clever replies if you are all called CHEAP. | www.ishouldhavesaid.net

When somebody calls you cheap it may seem offensive at first, but it really says more about the other person and their belief system than it does about you. Many people like to prance around with the latest iPhone, their eight dollar Starbucks double iced late, an expensive leased car and they have plenty of debt instead of cash in the bank. If you save your money and make good choices, take being called cheap as a compliment that you know how to manage your money from someone who is financially illiterate.

Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad talks about how there are two different mindsets between the wealthy and the middle class. The middle class will buy a luxury car on car payments, and the wealthy will create a business and buy the car through their corporation. Wealthy people think about building wealth and creating assets while the middle class thinks about having a job or career.

One of my relatives owns nine million dollar rental properties in Vancouver, Canada and he drives the shittiest old vans that you have ever seen. He looks more like a homeless person most of the time than a millionaire. I always thought that would be interesting if people drove around with their net worth painted on their car and we could see what people are really worth, the guy driving the luxury Land Rover may be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

Next time someone calls you cheap, use one of our clever comebacks and don’t give their opinion a second thought. Keep on saving and investing your money.

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If your goal was to be hurtful, mission accomplished.
Rich people say rich by living like they are broke. Poor people say poor by living like they are rich.
Just so you know there is a difference between frugal, cheap, thrifty and stingy.
Do I look like a bank to you? Maybe you should consider paying your own way.

People who save are smart not cheap

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