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What to say when someone says stop shopping

Funny replies when you are told to STOP SHOPPING

Maybe you love to buy shoes or just have a few minor shopaholic episodes. Shopping is enjoyable, until you receive the credit card bill in the mail.

Not everyone may appreciate your shopping habit, especially if they are paying for it. If you you are spending over your limit you may want to consider taking a break for a while.

What can you say to your parents or boyfriend when they holler, “You need to stop shopping!” Here are some amusing comebacks you can use to help keep your shopping addiction alive.

Vote for what you think is the most entertaining answer. If you can think of a better comebacks, do share!

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Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.
I am not a shopaholic. I am helping the economy.
I may love to shop but I'm not buying your bullshit.

When your husband complains about your shopping

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