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Funny answers when someone asks where you work

funny answers to where do you work

It can be awkward when someone asks where you work and you don’t want to give an honest answer. Maybe you work at a fast food restaurant and you don’t want the hot girl you just met to know you spend your days asking strangers, “Do you want fries with that?”

If you are dating online, you may not feel comfortable revealing to people your place of employment. You don’t want your boss to know the psycho stalker out front is actually there for you!

Next time someone wants to know where you work, use one of our clever comebacks and I am sure your new friend will have a laugh.

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Best comebacks when someone asks where work

1. At a fertility office, I stock the porn.

2. Telemarketing. Can I get your number?

3. I’m a spy. I travel the world, kill people, and make love to beautiful women…

4. The Ministry of Magic in The Department of Mysteries.

5. I’m a Janitor on the Deathstar.

Be glad that you don't work here funny meme

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I get paid to be nice to people at work!

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