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What to say when someone says that you look familiar

Funny replies when someone says you look familiar

When a stranger approaches you on a night out and asks where they know you from the answer will depend on whether they are totally hot or not. If you think they are attractive, why not have a little fun with the guy or girl who might be someone you want to get to know a little better in the future.

Years ago, I heard a funny story about a business CEO who was at a restaurant with his wife. While the couple was waiting to be seated, the man kept saying to the restaurant hostess, “You look really familiar, I just can’t figure out where I know you from?”


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The restaurant hostess had posed as a Play Boy centrefold many years ago, but she hadn’t mentioned it to anyone where she was working.

Obviously, the businessman had spent a lot of time looking at her curves with great detail and knew them well. The businessman just couldn’t picture the hostess with her clothes on!

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Do you watch porn?
Did we have class together? I could have sworn we had chemistry.
You look a lot like my next boyfriend.
Yeah, I'm your future ex.

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  1. Eyes widen. Under breath,” s***” slowly walk away. This is not supposed to be savage, more of creeping them out.

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