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Funny answers when people ask if your boobs are real or fake

Funny replies when people ask if your boobs are real or fake

If you have large breasts you are probably pretty used to people staring at them instead of your face. Even though it is rude to ask, people will ask if you have had a boob job.

Whether or not you’ve had your breasts surgically enhanced, you don’t have to answer such a personal question. You can always say it’s your new Victoria Secret push up bra.

If it is somebody you have just met wants to know about your breasts, you might want to shut them up with one of our clever comebacks.

Vote for the best comeback when people ask if you have had breast augmentation


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Charlotte McKinney gets asked if her boobs are real or fake

Charlotte McKinney large chest is a controversial topic, a lot of people think she has had breast enhancement, really is it anyone’s business?

Charlotte started developing at a really young age and was actually bullied by other girls because of her large chest.

People always ask Charlotte why she doesn’t have a breast reduction.

Um because I don’t want one? she says. ‘I am pretty happy. – Charlotte McKinney

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are your boob reaal meme

Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing with someone who asks if your boobs real or fake? Share them in the comments below.


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12 Responses

  1. Why don’t you fukcing ask that to yourself dumbass…

    Mine are real just like your ugly face is

    They are real but at least I don’t have fake one like you that you got them done from plastic surgery.

  2. mine are real and i am 14 years old and a lot of people always ask why do you have big boobs and i say BC my body developed faster than my age and it is the truth. like WTF do people ask that question like fr fr like you might want to check your nose BC i just found it somewhere were it should not be and that would be in my business.and BC i take after my mom i do not like having big boobs it is just to much. and a lot of people always say you got plastic surgery your boobs are not real they are fake and i said yes they are real i can prove it to you BC for 1. i am to young to get plastic surgery and for 2. why would i pay a lot of money for some plastic when i could spend it on better like wtf these niggas need to think before they speek like fr fr

    1. OMG same here! People will ask me literally every day, “*looks at chest then looks back at me* Are those real?”

  3. Bully:how come you don’t have any boobs

    Me:just cause you’re acne developed faster than my boobs doesn’t mean shit to you

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