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Clever replies when someone asks if you miss them

Funny replies when someone asks if you miss them
When someone asks if you miss them they may be fishing to find out where they stand with you. They don’t want to be the first person to put themselves out there in the relationship, like saying I love you the first time, especially if the feelings aren’t reciprocated.

You can play with the person a bit and say, “why do you ask?” and put the question back tothem or ask them to send you a few sexy pics to help you remember what they look like.

Honestly can be a great policy but, if you outright say no, I wasn’t missing you at all, it could damage your future relationship.

Some people in relationships need more reassurance than others and like to hear how much their partner loves them. It can get a little old if you have a needy girlfriend or boyfriend who is always wanting confirmation, and constantly asks how much you miss them or what you’re thinking about.

Remember, people also like a challenge if you are too available it puts some people off.

If you get tired or the repetitive do you miss me question, try one of our snappy comebacks below.

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Cute answers when someone asks if you miss them

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