Funny replies when someone asks if you miss them

When someone asks if you miss them they may be fishing to find out where they stand with you. They don’t want to be the first person to put themselves out there in the relationship, like saying I love you the first time, especially if the feelings aren’t reciprocated.

You can play with the person a bit and say, “why do you ask?” and put the question back tothem or ask them to send you a few sexy pics to help you remember what they look like.

Honestly can be a great policy but, if you outright say no, I wasn’t missing you at all, it could damage your future relationship.

Some people in relationships need more reassurance than others and like to hear how much their partner loves them. It can get a little old if you have a needy girlfriend or boyfriend who is always wanting confirmation, and constantly asks how much you miss them or what you’re thinking about.

Remember, people also like a challenge if you are too available it puts some people off.

If you get tired or the repetitive do you miss me question, try one of our clever replies below.


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17 Best comebacks when someone asks if you miss them

1. I feel so miserable without you. It’s almost like having you here.

2. You are in my inappropriate thoughts.

3. I miss the old you, the new one sucks!

4. Yes, I miss you. No, it doesn’t mean I want you back.

5. I miss you more than a fat kid misses cake.

6. I missed you the most!

6. I do miss you. More than yesterday, less than tomorrow.

7. Yeah, I miss you more than I thought I would!

8. There is never going to be a day that I don’t think of you.

9. Missing someone is your heart’s way of reminding you that you love them.

10. If you are wondering if I am thinking of you the answer is yes.

11. I only miss you when I’m breathing.

12. I miss you more than I would miss cheese if I went on a diet.

13. I miss you like an idiot misses the point.

14. To be honest, I miss you more some days than others. The days that end in Y are the worst.

15. I miss you more than I miss my phone when it is charging across the room.

Why do people miss others so much?

People miss loved ones for many different reasons. It could be because they have a romantic bond, enjoy their company or they may be their favourite person to hang out with. If that person is in another country, or travelling, they may think of all of the good times and feel a loss at not being able to see that special person in their life.

Missing someone could also be a result of being separated by circumstances, perhaps a relative passed away or they may miss each other because of a long distance relationship. Sometimes families separate due to career moves, relocating to another part of the country.

When we are in an unfamiliar place we often long to talk to someone who knows us well and shares a past history. It is easier to tell a joke to an old friend and inside joke than start over with a new friend. We miss our special people because they provide a sense of comfort and familiarity.

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Famous people who missed each other when apart

If there’s anything that Tinseltown taught us, it’s that big love affairs don’t always end happily ever after. Still, it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Here are the five notable couples throughout history that started in a bitter ignominy.

1. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton married, got divorced, and missed each other so much they remarried less than a year later and then divorce again for good.

Despite their seemingly volatile relationship, the love between these two was viewed by many as deep and beautiful. Overcoming explosive dramas, they remained friends until Burton’s untimely passing in 1984.

2. John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe

Nothing had the world’s attention than the scandalous love affair of the President and his Hollywood actress.

When Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President,” the rumor mill was set on fire. Although the pair never confirmed their relationship, it was an open secret romance that persisted for decades and they missed each other when they couldn’t be together.

3. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles

The love affair of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles is no doubt one of the most controversial royal romances, ever. Their marriage in 2005 was the culmination of their 5-decade affair that scandalized England forever.

From surviving Princess Diana’s untimely death to massive public ridicule, the King of the UK and his queen consort proved that fairytale-endings do come true, even for royalties.

4. Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

She was just 19 and he was 45 when this glamorous Hollywood couple met for the first time in 1944. Despite the huge age gap, Humphrey Bogard and Lauren Bacall fell in love hard and quickly.

Far from his three failed marriages, Bogart shared a successful union with Bacall along with their two children until his death in 1957. Lauren Bacall missed her beloved husband, Humphrey, terribly after his passing.

5. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

It was a scandal when a married Brad Pitt got into a secret relationship with his beautiful “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” co-star. Against all odds, the actor divorced his wife and later married Angelina Jolie, becoming the biggest tabloid story at that time.|

While this power couple seemed like a strong unit for over a decade, they surprised everyone when they split in 2016.

Cute answers when someone asks if you miss them

Vivian missed her son who went away to work on a kibbutz in Israel

Vivian had always been a doting mother to her son Jake. She had watched him grow up from a little boy to a young man, and now that he had gone away to work on a kibbutz in Israel, she missed him terribly. Every day, she would hope that he would call, wanting to hear his voice and find out how he was doing. She would often find herself looking through old photo albums, reminiscing about the times they had spent together.

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months, Vivian’s longing for her son only grew stronger. She would wake up in the middle of the night, thinking about him and wondering what he was doing at that very moment. She felt the emptiness that came with missing someone so much. But despite her sadness, she knew that Jake was living his dream, and that thought brought her some comfort.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Vivian’s phone rang. It was Jake, calling from Israel. She could hear the excitement in his voice as he told her about his adventures and the new friends he had made. As they talked, Vivian’s heart swelled with pride, knowing that her son was out there in the world, making a difference and living life to the fullest. And even though she still missed him terribly, she knew that he was happy, and that was all that mattered.

The Role of counselling and self care

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When you are dealing with a person who asks if you miss them and you find it stressful, consider getting support from a professional. Talking to a counselor is a great way to work through a challenging situation, and help you find some strategies to work through the person’s behaviour.

Better Help is a great resource where you can talk to a counselor from the comfort of your own home. 

Taking care of your own needs isn’t selfish, and you will feel better in the long run.

Got any comments, questions or tips when someone asks if you miss them? Share them in the comments below.

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