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How to answer when someone asks how much money do you make

Clever replies when someone asks how much money do you make

Talking about how much money you earn is more acceptable in some cultures than others, in the UK and America, it can be considered rude.

On a first date if someone asks how much you earn you have to question their intentions. Alarm bells should be going off in your head if your date is overly focused on money, they could be a gold digger or have very poor social skills, neither are attractive qualities in a potential partner. If you’ve have been flashing your black American Express card around, your gold digger date might think that you’re quite the catch.

When someone asks how much money you earn you are under no obligation to answer the question. Feel free to use one of our clever comebacks to be evasive and shut the conversation down.

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What's your salary range for a boyfriend?
That’s a rather personal question. I don’t know you well enough to discuss that.
I am saving this information until I get hired as a permanent boyfriend.
I'm not looking for a gold digger, just a girl who digs me.

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