Check out our funny comebacks when someone says you listen to me

Nobody wants to hear their parent  or boss going ballistic saying, “Now, you listen to me!” Be afraid, once someone has said those words to you they have already been annoyed beyond belief.

Maybe you have pushed your someone’s buttons one too many times, and they have had enough. Even parents have their limits when it comes to patience.

None of us like to be bossed around or dictated to at any age.

Here are a few fun comebacks that you might find useful, but we warned it might not end well with the person you say it to.

best comebacks to now you listen to me

1. Remember when I asked for your opinion. Me neither!

2. I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m naked.

3. I didn’t realize you were an expert on my life and how I should live it. Continue while I take notes.

4. I’m listening, but I can’t guarantee I’ll retain any of it.

5. Of course, I’m listening.

6. Alright, I’m all ears, go ahead.

7. You’ve got my attention, carry on.

8. I really want to hear what you have to say.

9. I’m here, ready to give you my full attention.


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Why do people say ‘now you listen to me?’

People might say to you “now you listen to me” to emphasize the importance of their message, and they want to ensure that you are paying attention and taking what they are saying seriously.

The term can be used when someone feels that they have not been heard or understood, and they want to make sure that their point of view is acknowledged.

This phrase is often used to assert authority or to convey a sense of urgency in communication. For instance, a parent will say this to a child or a boss may say this to ensure you are doing what they want you to do.

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How to deal with someone who says now you listen to me

When someone says “now you listen to me,” it’s important to acknowledge their request and show that you are attentive. Here are some ways to deal with it:

1. Stay Calm: Show that you are open to listening. Try to stay calm and composed and avoid a defensive response. Physically show that you are open to listening.

2. Be Respectful: Maintaining eye contact and giving them your full attention will show that are you respecting their wishes and being present.

3. Acknowledge what they say: By responding with a simple acknowledgment, such as “I’m listening” or “Go ahead, I’m all ears, will let the person know you are actively listening.

4. Clarify: If there has been a misunderstanding, ask the person to clarify their perspective or what they are asking for.

5. Respond Thoughtfully: After listening, respond thoughtfully and express your own viewpoint in a respectful manner.

6. Seek Common Ground: Try to find something to agree upon to move the conversation forward.

7. Set Boundaries: If the person has an inappropriate tone or their manner of communication is disrespectful, assert your boundaries calmly and assertively.

Remember, effective communication involves active listening and respectful dialogue.

now you listen to me

Cole was tired of hearing ‘now you listen to me’

Cole had grown weary of constantly hearing the phrase “now you listen to me” from his father. Every time his father used those words, it felt like a signal for a lecture or a reprimand. It seemed that no matter what the situation was, those words would inevitably follow, leaving Cole feeling frustrated and misunderstood.

One day, after another instance of being on the receiving end of his father’s stern words, Cole decided to have a candid conversation with him. He expressed how the phrase made him feel and how it seemed to shut down any possibility of open communication between them. To his surprise, his father listened attentively and acknowledged the impact of his words.

From that day on, Cole’s father made a conscious effort to change his approach. Instead of resorting to the same old phrase, he began to engage in more meaningful conversations with Cole, actively listening to his perspective and showing a genuine interest in his thoughts and feelings.

This shift in communication brought about a positive change in their relationship, creating a deeper understanding and mutual respect between them. Cole no longer felt weighed down by the phrase that had once caused him so much frustration, and instead, he found a newfound sense of connection with his father.

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  1. I have another comeback for this one.

    “Oh, I was listening, I just didn’t obey the order. You’d better be more precise next time.”

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