How to answer what was your major in college

A common question when you meet new people is ”What was your major in college?” You may feel like answering or you may be in a flirty or funny mood and decide to play with the person a little bit.

If you don’t want to reveal too much of what you studied in college, use one of our clever replies below.

10 Best Comebacks to what was your major in college

1. I graduated magna cum laude with a degree in anatomy.

2. I have a degree in liberal arts. Do you want fries with that?

3. I have a Masters from the school of life. I majored in sarcasm with a minor in smart ass!

4. Do you really want me to bore you with economic theory and quantum physics?

5. I studied sex therapy.

6. I pursued a degree in surviving 8 a.m. lectures without coffee, with a focus on staying awake through the most boring classes possible.

7. I actually majored in the art of procrastination, with a minor in last-minute cramming daily.

8. My major was in Netflix binging with a concentration in avoiding any responsibilities.

9. I majored in the art of avoiding 8 a.m. classes and excelling in the art of sleeping in.

10. I studied innovation, how to get the best marks with doing as little work as possible.

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Why do people ask what was your major in college

People often ask about someone’s college major as a way to understand their educational background, interests, and expertise. It can provide insight into a person’s skills, knowledge, and potential career trajectory.

Additionally, knowing someone’s major can spark conversations about shared academic experiences, career aspirations, or mutual interests. In professional settings, inquiring about a person’s college major can also help assess their qualifications and suitability for certain roles or industries. Overall, asking about someone’s college major can serve as a starting point for meaningful discussions about education, career paths, and personal growth.

Luke was evasive about his college major

Luke was a brilliant mind with a passion for quantum physics, spending countless hours delving into the complexities of the universe. Despite his deep academic pursuits, he had a lighthearted and jovial nature that endeared him to everyone he met.

When asked about his college major, Luke would often quip that he got a degree in “Advanced Silliness” to lighten the mood and avoid appearing too serious. His playful response never failed to bring smiles to those around him, and it became a running joke among his friends and colleagues.

Despite his penchant for humor, Luke’s knowledge of quantum physics was truly exceptional, and he often found creative ways to explain complex theories with a touch of wit. His ability to infuse lightheartedness into serious discussions made him a beloved figure in academic circles and beyond.

While his official degree was in quantum physics, to those who knew him, Luke’s real expertise lay in brightening the world with his infectious humor and genuine warmth, proving that even the most profound minds can have a lighter side.

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