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Top ten comebacks for someone who always plays the victim

Check out what to say to someone who PLAY THE VICTIM
We’ve all met the person who plays the victim. They love to waffle on about their woes and how they’ve been mistreated by the world.

Victims never accept responsibility for their own actions even when they were the person who started the drama and continued to stir the pot. They refuse to believe that their behaviour is contributing to the negative results that they are getting in their life.

Being close to a victim can be emotionally draining. They gravitate towards people who are nurturing and who will listen like a therapist and be their personal cheerleader.

Bad stuff happens to all of us. You may have had a parent die, been a victim of a crime, or have been laid off, which are all out of your control. You are not responsible for the situation. All you can control is how you respond to the event.


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What to say to someone who always claims to be the victim

  1. You can stop playing the victim now, everyone bought it.
  2. You play the victim so well you should carry around your own body chalk.
  3. I think it is funny how you are still playing the victim and blaming others for things not going your way. When it’s your bad choices that got you where you are. Grow up!
  4. You can only play the victim card so many times before people figure out that you’re the problem.
  5. If everywhere you go there’s a problem, guess what?
  6. The victim costume doesn’t suit you at all. You should try the self-centred ass one again.
  7. Some people try to make other people feel responsible for the way they feel. The victim look isn’t pretty.
  8. No No, don’t stop. I love all of your stories of how you are always the victim and everyone else picks on you.
  9. Some people create their own storms and then get upset when it rains.
  10. Oh sorry, I didn’t realize that you’re the victim. I thought you were the one that started all of the drama. My mistake.
What to say to a person who plays the victim

We have a choice to play the victim or stand up and face our challenges

Most people in Liz Murray’s circumstances would have played the victim card, both her parents were heroin addicts. Growing up in poverty in New York City, she had to steal food to eat, she was constantly dirty and had head lice. The kids at school bullied her relentlessly, as a result, she started skipping classes and then dropped out of school altogether. To top it all off, when she was 15, her mother passed away from AIDS. Liz’s father couldn’t pay the rent and Liz became homeless and lived on trains. One day she made the decision to turn her life around and completed 4 years of high school in 2 years. Liz then went on to win a scholarship to Harvard University and went from homeless to Harvard. We all have circumstances in our life that suck, we also have a choice how we deal with things.

Next time someone acts like a victim, use one of our great comebacks and let the person know they can’t play you.

You can't win with someone who plays the victim

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