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Comebacks when someone calls you a party pooper

Check out what to say if you are called a part pooper

Urban dictionary describes a party pooper as, “A person who ruins a party by either stopping the fun or not participating in a certain activity.”

If you are the sensible one in your group of friends, you may indeed be called a party pooper. Someone has to have some common sense when people are taking things too far and getting out of control.

People may not always appreciate your feedback or good intentions when you try to get them to smarten up. An example of this is the drunk at the party. The drunk person doesn’t appreciate the person who takes away their keys, but they certainly appreciate not losing their license for drunk driving. When you try to stop someone from a bad decision you can be seen as the bad guy.

People who don’t participate are called party poopers

If you are the person at a party who doesn’t join in, who sits on your phone in the corner or the room, maybe you do need to step it up and join in the fun.


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It’s true that some folks are naturally fun, and they don’t realize how lucky they are. Not everyone is a sparkly ray of sunshine at parties, some individuals can feel anxiety or uncomfortable in large groups.

Whatever your story, next time someone calls you a party pooper, use one of our comebacks.

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Really, what makes you think that you’re so exciting to hang out with?
Yeah, and what makes you think that you’re so fun?
I think you’re the party pooper with all that shit coming out of your mouth.
Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are.

Funny replies when people call you a party pooper

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