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What to say when someone calls you a smart ass

Great replies when people call you a SMART ASS

Urban Dictionary defines a smart ass as, “Someone who enjoys giving flippant, sarcastic and/or rude answers to legitimate questions; also someone who enjoys being sarcastic and rude in general.”

To be a smart ass you need to be blessed with quick wit and the ability to whip up a backhanded compliment quickly. No wonder people don’t appreciate smart asses, not everyone has the ability to be one.

People know that when they get into argument with you that you will slay them and leave them looking like an idiot.

Next time someone complains that you are a smart ass, use one of our clever comebacks below. Remember to deliver the comeback with a big smile on your face, which will piss the person off even more.

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I would rather be a smart ass than a dumb ass.
Everyone needs a smart ass sarcastic friend. I am so happy to be of service to you!
I wouldn't be such a smart ass if you wouldn't give me so much to work with!
Opinions are like feet, everyone has a couple and they usually stink.
I'm sarcastic and have a smart ass attitude. It's a natural defense against drama, stupidity and bullshit!


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Check out our funny replies if you are called a SMART ASS

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When people complain that you're being a SMART ASS

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6 Responses

    1. You’re such a nerd- I’m not a nerd I’m just smarter than you.
      You’re so sassy- thank you
      You’re such a drama queen- you’re so petty
      Boys/girls are going to run away from you- all boys/girls run away from you’re ugly freak face.
      You’re overweight- you’re an ugly freak
      You’re ugly- I know you’re an ugly freak and you’re jealous of my gorgeousness.
      Stupid- cretin
      You should lose weight- you should get a new face.
      You’ll never get a boyfriend- you’ll never get a decent face
      I’m so smart- are you aware that smart doesn’t mean egotistical?
      You’re so high maintenance- Oh honey high maintenance doesn’t mean stunning you ugly freak
      You should go on a diet- you should get a brain.
      You’re so short- you’re so short… of intelligence
      You’re such a smartass-at least I’m smart.
      What’s wrong with you- I talk to cretins like you.
      Kill yourself- if I wanted to kill myself I would jump from your ego to your iq.
      Go to hell- The place where you should be right now.

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