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Turning around a bullying situation around for your child

Turn a bullying situation around

Kids are going to need your help to turn a bullying situation around.  If your child is being bullied, most likely your child will not be able to figure it out on their own. 

You may feel paralyzed because you don’t know what to do. For parents it can be overwhelming to know where to start, and it can be emotionally devastating to find out that your child is being bullied and picked on. 

But there are things that you can do to help turn a bullying situation around. 

Step 1: Does your child project anything that makes them a bully target?

The first thing to turn the bullying situation around is to help your child show up in a new way. Often children have traits or behaviours that make them an easy target. 

And it’s not that they’re doing anything wrong. It’s just that a behaviour singles them out by other kids.

And the same things goes for adults. Adults have behaviorus that others judge them by. I don’t know about you but if someone was rude to wait staff I would definitely be put off. 

It’s time to put on your deductive reasoning hat and figure out what the problem is and see if your child’s doing anything to alienate peers.

 This can be done the same way doctors look at a patient to rule out symptoms. Once you are aware what is causing the problem, you can get to work fixing it. 

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Step 2: Getting the schools help with the bullying 

The other thing that you need to do to turn a bullying situation around is work with the school. 

You need to find out what has been going on and report it to your child’s teacher. You may have a situation that is escalating and you need to get the principal involved to get it to stop.

Some bullies are extremely manipulative and often teachers have no clue that kids are being bullied.  The bully waits until the teacher is not around, and then they make their move. 

At first bullies often deny that they have done anything wrong. Parents need to be prepared when they talk to the school. You will need to extract and capture what exactly has been going on. 

Watch our free training on how you can bully proof your child. 

You can get the bullying to stop.

Your child is going need your help to turn this situation around. The sooner you assist your kid with the skills and support that they need the sooner it will stop. 

Bullying is truly a journey that no parents want to go through.  We have helped many families put an end to bullying quickly with our Bully Proof Your Child Tookit

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