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Comebacks for people who interrupt when you are talking

How to respond when someone interrupts or talks over you

Have you ever been talking to someone at work or school and all of a sudden they start talking over you and completely interrupt what you were saying. Even worse, they cut you off and then jump in and finish your sentence for you. It can be frustrating not being heard, interrupted and talked over.

I have someone in my life who talks a lot and sometimes it can be annoying. As usual, they started talking over me but this time I decided to keep talking and they kept on talking as well for one entire minute. We were both talking nonstop and nobody was listening to the other person. Now that’s a little crazy!

If you want to let the individual know that you are tired of their rude behaviour, here are a few things that you can say to make them stop or just feel better so you are not silently suffering.

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People who drive you crazy

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