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If you are seriously breaking up with someone then you want to be considerate of someone else’s feelings, if you are joking around then you may need a funny break up line. Just be cautious you don’t get a black eye.

Not all relationships are meant to last, some people come into our lives for a short time and teach us what we need to learn, and then they exit our life.

Maybe you’re in a dead-end relationship that is not want you want. Breaking up can be challenging if you have been with someone for a while, and things have become negative and toxic.

Here are a few funny break up lines you can use to let the person know it’s time to move on.

Best comebacks when breaking up

1. Cancel my subscription, I’m tired of your issues.

2. I really like you. . .so does my wife.

3. I don’t want you to waste all your money on viagra.

4. I think youre sister is hot and that makes it difficult for me to focus on you.

5. I think we need time away from each other forever.

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