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How to tell someone who has a crush on you that you like them as a friend

How to tell someone that you like them as a friend, not romantically

When someone tells you that they like you as more than a friend and you don’t feel the same way in return, it can be awkward and uncomfortable. Chemistry is a weird thing, we can’t help who we are attracted to, and you are either into someone or you aren’t.

If you are not into the person, the friendship may be rocky for a period of time, you may be uncomfortable in each other’s company. Maya Angelou famously said, “People don’t always remember what you said, but they remember how you made them feel.” Acknowledge the person’s feelings by saying thank you, for them letting you know.

It takes real courage to tell someone, especially a friend, that you have unrequited feelings for them. That courage that they have plucked up to confide in you deserves to be respected. Whatever you reply, this is a situation where it would be wise to respond with kindness.

You may have known that the person had a crush on you for a while, and it is inevitable that they are going to eventually confess how they feel about you.

Here are a few ways to let the person know with kindness and respect, that you only like them as a friend. As challenging as it is, honesty is the best policy when letting someone’s expectation’s down. The friendship may be rocky or even distant for a while. But when the person looks back, after time, they will see you were actually pretty kind and gracious about the situation.


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Vote for the best way to tell someone you like them as a friend

That’s fine, I’m looking for a friend with benefits.
No worries. Got it, let’s be friends.
You’re perfect, anybody would be lucky to have you but your’re not my type.
I'm really flattered. You are amazing, but I don’t feel that connection between us.

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2 Responses

  1. You could also say,
    “I really appreciate you telling me this. I like you a lot as a friend, and I hope we can stay that way.”

  2. You could say “That’s nice. What’s you’re name again?”
    JK, that would be mean. You should just tell the truth. “Sorry, I like someone else, but I still think you’re really cool,” or something.

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