Clever replies when people ask how the exam was

When you write an exam or get a paper back in class, there will always be someone who asks how you did so they can compare their own mark against yours. Really, it’s none of their business.

You could be a straight A student or Mr. D minus, but you are under no obligation to share how well you did. It can be a wise choice to not share the details of certain things in life like your personal life, finances or how many people you have slept with!

If you are nervous about how will you did stressing out over the test isn’t going to help, enjoy yourself and be happy until the results are revealed.

If you don’t want to share how well you did, and you want people to know you don’t want to talk about it, try a few of our snappy comebacks below.

10 Best comebacks to how was the exam

1. I’m not a member of psychic friends, when the result comes out, see for yourself.

2. They gave me questions I didn’t know, so I gave them answers they don’t know.

3. The only thing I knew on the exam was my name.

4. I could have set a new world record for the longest time spent staring at a piece of paper.

5. Honestly, I feel like I aged 3 years in a few hours. It was intense.

6. The exam was like a mental marathon. I am so glad it’s finished.

7. It was a challenging experience, and I am so glad that I prepared so well.

8. It was a really rigorous test, but I feel confident in my preparation.

9. Put it this way, the multiple choice questions were a blessing.

10. I feel like I completed a mental obstacle course, but I managed to navigate through it.

Why do parents ask how was the exam?

Parents always ask their kids how their exams went because they want to know that their child is doing well at school.

Parents want to show encouragement and support for their kids and offer help, and check in if their children are struggling.


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Why are exams stressful?

Exams can be stressful for so many different reasons. There is often a lot of pressure for students to to do well and get good grades. Students may suffer from fear of failing, and the volume of study and preparation all add to the exam stress.

The importance placed on certain exams can determine which university you attend, which can also lead to future opportunities. All these factors add to the overall stress levels for students.

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How to deal with people asking how was the exam

When folks ask you how your exam went, remember that you have a choice to reveal how much information you want to share. If you feel OK discussing the gritty details go ahead or you can give a vague overview of how you things went.

If you are not ready to share or you are afraid of your results, provide a brief response like “It seemed OK, thank you for asking.” You can also set boundaries and let others know that you will not be discussing the exam in detail until you get your results. However you feel about the exam, you have the right to maintain a level of privacy for your own well being.

Rowan was tired of her dad asking how was the LSAT exam

Rowan’s dad meant well, but his constant inquiries about her LSAT exam were starting to wear on her. Every time they spoke, he would ask, “How was the LSAT exam?” and it was becoming a source of frustration for Rowan. She understood his concern and support, but the repeated questioning made her feel pressured to provide a satisfying answer.

After some reflection, Rowan decided to have an honest conversation with her dad. She expressed her feelings, explaining that while she appreciated his interest, the frequent questioning was adding to her stress.

Her dad listened attentively and apologized, realizing that his inquiries were inadvertently causing discomfort. From then on, he made a conscious effort to support Rowan in a less intrusive manner, offering encouragement without putting her on the spot. This open dialogue strengthened their relationship and helped Rowan feel more at ease as she prepared for the exam.

The Role of counselling and self care

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Taking care of your own needs isn’t selfish, and you will feel better in the long run.


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