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Funny answers to how was the exam

Clever replies when people ask how the exam was

When you write an exam or get a paper back in class, there will always be someone who asks how you did so they can compare it to their own mark against yours. Really, it’s none of their damn business.

You could be a straight A student or Mr. D minus, but you are under no obligation to share how well you did. It can be a wise choice to not share the details of certain thing in life like your personal life, finances or how many people you have slept with!

If you are nervous about how will you did stressing out over the test isn’t going to help, enjoyyourself and be happy until the results are revealed.

If you don’t want to share how well you did, and you want people to know you don’t want to talk about it, try a few of our snappy comebacks below.

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