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Top ten sarcastic relationship comebacks for your Ex

How to let your EX know that you've moved on. Check out our great comebacks. | www.ishouldhavesaid.net

When you have gone through a breakup, it is necessary to cut off communication with your ex to help yourself heal and process the end of the relationship.

For a lot of women, running into your ex is a nightmare. It can be overwhelming and even worse if you are not looking your best.

What will you say the next time you run into your ex, or he calls you and takes you by surprise? Your heart may start racing or pounding loudly as you hear their voice for the first time in a while.

Not all relationships end well. In fact, often things end badly. Whatever happened, running into your ex can be awkward and make you feel uncomfortable, especially if they treated you poorly.

If you want to let your ex know that you have moved on and don’t care, use one of our snappy comebacks.

The funny thing is when you treat them mean; sometimes it keeps them keen. Some people are just attracted to people who aren’t available.


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Top ten sarcastic relationship comebacks for your Ex

  1. Break ups do hurt, but losing someone who doesn’t appreciate or respect you is a gain not a loss.
  2. Sometimes it is just time to move on and turn the page.
  3. Yes, I’m smiling but you’re not the reason anymore.
  4. Things end, people change and life goes on.
  5. I don’t make mistakes, I date them.
  6. Ex means: thanks for the EXperience, our time has EXpired, now EXit my life.
  7. What I like best about our relationship is you’re no longer in it.
  8. I usually give someone more chances than they deserve but once I’m done I’m done.
  9. Relationships are a lot like algebra. Sometimes you look at your ex and wondered why?
  10. I’m not really a bitch. I just play one in your life.
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I am sure Gwen Stefani has a few things she would like to say to Cheater Gavin Rossdale

Gwen Stefani, Wikipedia

Gwen Stefani found out that Gavin had been cheating on her for three years with the family nanny. The singer found explicit texts between the nanny and Gavin on the family iPad. Yeah, just what you want your kids to find on the family device, nude pictures of the nanny.

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Ever feel like you don’t know what to say to challenging people? Grab our FREE starter guide, so you know not only what to say- but how to say it. Discover the secret of shutting down rude people.

What to say to your EX

Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing with someone who is dealing with their EX? Share them in the comments below.


Ever feel like you don’t know what to say to challenging people? Grab our FREE starter guide, so you know not only what to say- but how to say it.

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42 Responses

    1. If your ex calls you something degrading pretend it was meant for THEM and say oh don’t talk about yourself like that and innocently walk away

  1. I was having a fight with my ex, I absolutely love the Go fuck yourself but you’d be disappointed one 🙂 he’s really pissed off

        when i read that i started crying XD

        1. Nah girl you say sry small objects are choking hazards it’s way better also it will get him hella pissed

  2. Omg thank you for these lists of comebacks!!! I have had a really tough time trying to forget about my ex because he keeps on texting me… after these comebacks, he’s sure to be speechless

  3. Here’s one – my ex was calling me a hos and I’m like sorry even tho I dated u I didn’t catch ur disease aka man whore

      1. That is beautiful I love that!
        Here’s another one:
        Twinkle Twinkle little whore,
        Close your legs your not a door.
        Your gonna catch an STD.
        Your only wanted cause your free.
        Twinkle Twinkle little whore,
        Your cheaper than the dollar store.

        1. Another one is, i heard you are dating someone new, im eating a sandwich ask her if she wants those leftovers too.

  4. Gosh! My life entirely changed since I met [email protected] by chance on internet! All my dreams has been turning to real, it’s unbelievable! My husband who let me for 2YEARS came back to me two days after and… he changed! he loves me again, like the first day! Thank again for all, I am glad for what you have done for me….Katy USA

  5. Ex:two wrongs make a right like ur mom
    Comeback:boii go ask ur parents if two wrongs make a right because look how u turned out.

    This is a mean comeback but some people deserve it.

  6. Ok so my boyfriend broke up with me and now is after all of my friends and we go to school together. He doesn’t talk to me or told me why he broke up with me and he talks to all my friends and gives me the evil eye every time I’m with them. So Bryn what do I say

    1. I Have something to say I said it to my EX today it was so funny hear it is.
      Eenie meanie miny moe, caught you cheating with a hoe. You lied right to my face, think again you’ve been replaced. XD XD

      1. Hey Ada Say why did we break up if that doesn’t work ask your friends to ask him and then tell them to tell you and if you’re really mad say this to his face.

        Eenie meanie miny moe, caught you cheatin with a hoe. You lied right to my face, think again you’ve been replaced I don’t know Bryn what does she say Mmmm Bryn.!!

    2. u know he cant control u jus ignore him and move on with ur life its ur friends not his its ur life not his do what u wan live happily doesnt mean he gives u the stink eye or whatsoever jus roll ur eyes and turn and continue talking to ur friends dont let him think that u’ll always listen to him n all show him what u’ve got stand ur ground u can do this!!! ignore him dont say anything jus smile and roll ur eyes afterall smiling intimates those who wan to destroy u

    3. Go straight to him and say “you know I honestly thought you took my breath away but that was just me being suffocated by your bullshit “

  7. tell him to fuck off and continue to b with ur friends actually u know whut jus dont care bout him why dont u jus b brave hang out with ur friends and when he gives u the fucking evil eye jus roll ur eyes at him and he will b shocked rmr jus stand ur ground dont let him control u, if he spreads rumours and shit jus ignore and continue afterall smiling intimates those who want to destroy u

  8. If your ex says do u wanna go out again try’s to be nice put your hand on his shoulder and say “I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time..and.. *sigh*….I think you should go to hell” ?

    1. Hi Me, I am sorry to hear that someone was so unkind to you. Even though it feels horrible right now there will be a lot of great guys in your future.

      You could say:

      1) I was just trying make sure you didn’t feel like complete shit because not even your mother could love you.
      2) You have the rest of your life to be a jerk. Why not take today off?
      3) Too bad you can’t Photoshop your ugly personality.
      4) I am far from perfect, at least I don’t have an ugly heart.
      5) I should have never been nice to an asshole like you. All you get is shit in return.

      Talk to someone close to you in your family to help you through the situation.

      Good luck,


    2. My crush did the exact same thing to me so I made his crush do the same prank on him he was crying lol and I told him that I blocked him, i hate him and he sucks and he’s a loser i also told him that I hate him and he should go to hell and die. I called him annoying and rude then got Aa boy to beat him up

  9. My ex has got a new gf and a “son” and he thinks that is gonna make him happy. Like he doesn’t even make enough money, he argues a ton. Like what’s gonna happen to the gf and the boy?? Makes you wonder. He’s got the temper of his dad, so watch out.

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