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What to say to someone Hooking up with an EX

What to say when a friend hooks up with an EX

When a friend tells you that they have been hooking up with an EX it can be a little surprising, especially if you had to listen to them complaining about the relationship during the break-up.

After a break up it is easy to fall into an emotional rut when you’re lonely and forced to step out and date again. When people are lonely, they may seek solace in their ex-partner.

What someone else does is really none of your business, unless you have to listen to endless suffering on the phone of why things didn’t work out.

Well, sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all, but if can’t help yourself here are some clever responses to let them know it isn’t a wise choice to hook up with an Ex.


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What to say to someone Hooking up with an EX

  1. Sleeping with an ex is like masturbation. You know you’re f*cking yourself but you do it anyway.
  2. Just because someone desires you, doesn’t mean they value you.
  3. Hooking up your ex again is like buying your clothes back from goodwill. There’s a reason you got rid of them in the first place.
  4. Some people come into your life as blessing as others come as life lessons.
  5. Getting back with your ex is like taking a shower, going out, and putting back on the same old dirty underwear.
  6. Never allow loneliness to drive you back in the arms of someone you don’t belong with.
  7. People learn how to treat you based on what you accept from them.
  8. People miss you more when they see how happy you are without them.
  9. Just because you miss someone doesn’t mean they belong in your life
  10. If someone won’t lift a finger to call or spend time with you, it’s time for you to lift five fingers and wave good bye.
What to say to someone who doesn't value themselves

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