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What to say when someone tells you that they will do it tomorrow

What to say when someone says I'll do it tomorrow and they never do

When someone constantly says that they will do something tomorrow or later it can drive you bonkers. The person could be refusing to do something out of rebellion, perhaps they’re waiting for motivation to strike or they just don’t want to do a boring task.

Trying to motivate someone else to do their work can be futile, ask any parent of a teenager. When someone keeps putting something off you may spend more time reminding them to do a task than it actually takes to complete it.

I will tell my son to clean his room and he keeps telling me that he will do it later. I want him to clean the room so he grows up to be a responsible adult, not a person who feels comfortable living in a pig pen. Sometimes I can’t take it and I will clean the room when he is really busy and I know that it is not going to get done. I can’t live in squalor!

Next time someone says they will do something tomorrow, use one of our comebacks and let them know they need to take action as soon as possible.

Best comebacks when someone says I’ll do it tomorrow

1. Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.

2. One of the greatest illusions of life is that there is more time tomorrow than there is today.

3. Nike said just do it, they didn’t say Just do it… tomorrow.

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