Comebacks for people who interrupt when you are talking

How to respond when someone interrupts or talks over you

Have you ever been talking to someone at work or school and all of a sudden they start talking over you and completely interrupt what you were saying. Even worse, they cut you off and then jump in and finish your sentence for you. It can be frustrating not being heard, interrupted and talked over.

I have someone in my life who talks a lot and sometimes it can be annoying. As usual, they started talking over me but this time I decided to keep talking and they kept on talking as well for one entire minute. We were both talking nonstop and nobody was listening to the other person. Now that’s a little crazy!

If you want to let the individual know that you are tired of their rude behaviour, here are a few things that you can say to make them stop or just feel better so you are not silently suffering.

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People who drive you crazy

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Top ten comebacks for obnoxious people

What to say to an obnoxious person

Annoying and obnoxious people are everywhere; they are in line at the grocery store, at the movies, or even at your Thanksgiving dinner. Dealing with obnoxious individuals can be aggravating and can cause a lot of stress.

Obnoxious people don’t realize that they are the cause of the problem. They go through life clashing with everyone they come into contact with and have conflict in many of their relationships. They never figure out what they are doing wrong or why they don’t have many close friends.

Eden was excited to see an old friend from school who had moved away to a foreign country for a couple of years. Savannah was back in town, and Eden decided to invite her family over for a get together. They were both now 16 years old, and they were 14 the last time they saw each other.

As soon as Savannah arrived at her old friend’s house, she had a rude attitude towards everyone. She proceeded to insult the pie that Eden had made from scratch saying it was terrible. The rest of the time she was on her phone and ignored everyone in the group. She then stood up and said, “We should go. This is really boring.” The host family stared in shock, their lower jaw hanging open.

Some people are not worth the effort! When you clean your house, cook for someone, and welcome them into your home, you don’t expect to be insulted. When you witness shockingly bad behaviour, you decide that some people are not the kind of people you want to spend time with.

If you have had enough, here are a few snappy comebacks to get your point across.

What to say to an obnoxious person

  1. Some people just lack the ability to realize that everyone in the room wants them to shut up
  2. Is there an app I can download to make you go away?
  3. The level of your obnoxious is obnoxious.
  4. You should introduce your lower lip to your upper lip sometime and shut up!
  5. How do I block you in real life?
  6. You sir are the human version of period cramps.
  7. There are several people in this world that I find unbearably obnoxious, and you are all of them.
  8. I like the noise you make when you shut the up.
  9. It is impressive that you are flexible enough to have your foot in your mouth and your head up your ass.
  10. Damn bitch. Are you a smoke detector cause you are really f*cking loud and annoying.

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What to say when someone is being OBNOXIOUS

Kanye West has had a lot of obnoxious behaviour over the years

Kanye West by David Shankbone, Wikipedia

The world would be a better place if Kanye West kept to rapping and gave up the obnoxious trash talk. When he isn’t interrupting award speeches, he’s social media stirring up drama. Kanye has to constantly apologize to other celebrities for his bad behaviour, you would think he would eventually realize that he is better off keeping his mouth shut.


When dealing with an obnoxious person is too much

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Top ten replies to other people’s comebacks

Great counter comebacks

If you are out and about and someone sends a couple of insults your way, you may be temporarily lost for words. It is always helpful to have a few great counter comebacks tucked away in your mind, so you are ready to battle at any moment.

Comebacks are kind of like verbal warfare, and there is an art form to be able to whip up an awesome, clever response quickly. To deliver an even better insult, you need to possess a quick wit and be pretty damn smart. If you don’t possess those traits, we can help you out.

If you are always picked on for a certain thing like your weight, be prepared with a few comebacks if someone calls you fat. Practice saying the comebacks until they are rolling off your tongue.

If someone slays you with a comeback, here are a few counter comebacks to say as a response.

Top ten counter comebacks to other people’s comebacks

  1. I can eat alphabet soup and shit out a better reply than that.
  2. I’ve heard smarter things from a schizophrenic with Tourette’s.
  3. Your death with probably be caused by being sarcastic at the wrong time.
  4. Quit trying to be a smart ass when you are just an ass.
  5. How long did it take you to come up with that one?
  6. No. No. I am listening; it just takes me a moment to process so much stupid information all at once.
  7. I bet you were up all night trying to come up that one.
  8. You’re like a hemorrhoid, a pain the ass who won’t go away.
  9. Your village called. They said they lost their idiot.
  10. You’re comeback was so stupid it didn’t even comeback.


Chris Rock needed a few good counter comebacks growing up

Chris Rock, Wikipedia

Chris Rock certainly needed to be prepared with a few counter comebacks when he was growing up in Brooklyn.

At age 13, Chris’ mom wanted him to go to a better school outside of their neighborhood. He had to take several buses to get to Brooklyn, Bensonhurst, where he was the old black student a white high school. Most of the students at Chris’ school were of Italian descent.

He suffered verbal taunts and weekly beatings from the others students. Chris needed to use his quick wit to survive in his new school to make friends and ultimately survive the bullying.

Chris developed a lot of quick wit and went on to become one of the top-ranked comedians in America. They have even made a sitcom about his life called Everybody Hates Chris.

When you need clever counter comebacks

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Great comebacks if someone calls you a ginger

Great comebacks if people make fun of your for being a GINGER. |

Urban Dictionary describes a ginger as, “A human characterized by pale skin, freckles and bright red hair.” Gingers are often stereotyped as not having a soul, having terrible tempers and stealing sun screen.

Even Prince Harry complained that he was bullied for being ginger at school. Why is discrimination against people with red hair  acceptable, there is no way it would be acceptable to make similar comments to overweight people.

Here are a few snappy comebacks that redheads can use to shut people up next time they make a rude comment.

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Ed Sheeran was picked on for his red hair during his school days

Ed Sheeran

The British singer, Ed Sheeran,  of the song The ‘Lego House’ reveals that he was teased for his ginger hair growing up. Ed said, “I think everyone goes through a bit of bullying at school. Of course you get picked on for certain things, but I think it ends up being a positive,” A lot of kids are teased because they look different from their peers.” Ed shared “I was quite a weird kid when I was little, I wore big glasses, had hearing problems, had a stutter and I had ginger hair, but I am now a successful musician and I have nothing to complain about.” It may have been hard being teased for red hair growing up, but it actually helped his careers later on, as there weren’t that many ginger haired kids on TV or YouTube, so it made it easier for Ben to stand out and get noticed.

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